Mercer CareerArc Candidate Care
Mercer CareerArc Candidate Care

Go beyond recruiting. Power your brand with a superior candidate experience.

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Mercer CareerArc Candidate Care is the only career assistance solution designed to serve the applicants you didn’t hire. Want to try it out for free? No problem. We’ll help you get started.

You have gone the extra mile to help in a time of need.

- June C., Candidate Care use
Protect the brand
you’ve built
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brand advocates
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See immediate positive impact with Mercer CareerArc Candidate Care. Your company will engage with thousands of applicants each year. Make sure each one remains a brand advocate.

Hear what candidates had to say after the first few weeks of using Candidate Care*

said Candidate Care helped them in their job search in just two weeks of use.
said the offering of Candidate Care showed that the company cared about them as candidates
would recommend the company as an employer, even though they themselves were not hired.

The new candidate experience

Exceed expectations. Go beyond the decline letter and complete the applicant journey with Mercer CareerArc Candidate Care – a comprehensive job search platform tailored for today’s talent.

 Video Interview Practice
 Professional Networking Tools
 Social Media Integration
 Job Matching Technology
 Cover Letter & Resume Builders
 Skills Assessments

Acknowledge The Person Behind Each Application

*The survey of North American mid-size retail company’s Candidate Care users was conducted in April 2016.